Monday, October 5, 2009


The day after tomorrow is the beginning of a big day for PMR student as they are going to start their major exam, in the examination hall right in the morning of that day, feeling nervous and panicked. Here, I wanted to wish them all the best, students all over from SMK Wangsa Maju until SMK Danau Kota. Hope you will pass with flying colours.

Just now, I was finishing my homework. I finished up exercises for 3 chapters for KH, very glad for that. And when I came to the Maths, I was sad and feeling very down. I asked [sms] my sister how to find the area of parallel, something like that. And then, I searched everywhere in the reference book, feeling very nervous and was even sweating. And I found it finally, only then, my sister replied my sms.

I was upset because sisters wasn't here when I needed them the most. Last year and probably years before, they were all around. And now, when I am taking a quite-major-exam, they wasn't here for me. I need to call or sms them for them to teach me. I was jealous as B.Teng have her sister beside her but she told me her sister won't be teaching her.

I was struggling to finish up tons of homeworks while others were studying late at night, making some efforts to do their best to score. And I am pretty scared to know the result as I am really a lazy bum. I was sleeping while my friends were doing their homework. When I was doing my homework, they were revising. What a fact, I could tell.


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