Friday, October 2, 2009

A for Apple.

Today, I didn't plan to write blog as I am too lazy already. But S.Sya reminded me to write. So, I purposely write for her to see. This post is specially for you. Ha ha.

This morning, I woke up at 5.30am to type out the Sejarah folio element three for me and my friends. They asked me to do it. Maybe I am lucky or maybe I am not. I around 30minutes to type down around more than 1000 words [wei da right?] and playing facebook. Dad sent me to school today.

First class, BM. Did literature. Sya said teacher kept looking at me because she sayang me but I don't really think so. We also chit-chatted after finishing our parts. SEJ, Me and B.Teng went to toilet, and teacher joked with us "2minutes each person, so summing up, 4 minutes, quickly go!". When we came back, I saw Sya sitting on my chair. So, I went to her chair and sat down. Then, she came and S.Man sat on my chair. I shared a chair with S.Sya but seemed to be not enough. BI, we played Bingo and teacher taught not much.

S.Man bought 10 sweets and gave us each one and two respectively. As she is our big sister, she is needed to buy sweets for us, her little sisters. Science, teacher gave us notes to be copied down. And last class, KH. S.Sya hid my pencil box in her leg. I was searching around her, S.Phing and Z.Yin but I didn't realize Sya's magic was so good that I never realize it was there.

Thanks for going home with me. And thanks for this and that. And hope you will give birth to the baby that Sheng has always wanted for him and your future father-in-law. LOL. I intentionally do this to make you laugh. HAHAHAHA. I forgot what I wanted to write already, never mind lah, when I remember it, I will post another new post for you. Good-bye.