Saturday, October 3, 2009

Give up.

I really want to give up on this particular person. Why. Why. Why.

I stopped myself very hard from showing the mad or angry face. I kept laughing or smiling but no one knows. Have they ever respect me? Or am I too good to be bullied or tortured [for free?]. Or shall I act fierce to prevent them for doing bad deeds onto me.

Still want to pretend some more? I knew the real face of her but those people don't know as they don't think it as so complicated, but I do. I might not need to tell who. But, why like that. You are a human. I am a human. Why do you act this way? Can't you be a little more polite? When you need my help, you respect me. But when you don't need anything at the moment, you aren't even taking me as a friend.

It's quite long since I've write such things but she ... You supposed to know who you are. It's useless for me to say. I am fully disappointed on you. Never expect a girl like you to become this materialistic. I am already insane for your action, behaviour and attitude~! You are not my good friend anymore.

Laugh till cry or cry till laugh.



Fishie said...

yo wat happen again?
u look sooo angry?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

abit abit le...