Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reunion in WM.

Re-union. Glad that I saw Amirah, Syifa, Aina, Faten, Shi Yee, Mei Yee, Carmen, Little Ah Lok, Angely, Kah Kin, Kah Weng, Shaun, Wee Lee, Sharman, Annabelle, Sharon and others in WM.

On 04 October 2009, Sunday, dad sent me to Syifa's house at 1.30pm. I rejected their invitations many times as there was some inconveniences caused, that I can't reject again this time. I was the first to arrive. Sen can't make it, and I am kinda disappointed for that. I chit-chatted a lot with Syifa before others arrived. I ate fried noodles and drank orange juice and then, 3pm, went away for another appointment.

I waited for Shi Yee at BRJ bus stop at 3pm. She reached at 3.15pm. It's horrible waiting alone but I can't wait to see her. We walked down to Desa Setapak as she wanted to laminate and photostat her PMR cert. Later, we walked to Carrefour express and bought pop corn. She said she wanted to treat me and refused to take the money. I placed the money inside your PMR schedule paper, remember to take it!

I reached her house, we started seeing an anime. I don't like anime much but when I watched the anime named "hell girl", I think I would change my mind from hate to normal. We ate the pop corns together and I forced her to go to study, while I am very bad, conquering the computer. At 6pm, Aina called me. I felt weird but never mind, she knew I was back in WM and invited me to another open house. I walked from east to west to eat the delicious laksa, full enough.

I asked permission to go back at 6.30pm as Ah Lok was already calling me. I walked to the school bus stop. Extremely exhausted. I saw Ah Lok, Mei Yee, Shi Yee and Carmen waiting there. When I reached, I was surprise to see my little brother having his hair like a gangster. But I think it's quite cool. He had gone taller but still a head shorter than me. We were playing around before deciding to go to the event place. We took lanterns and watched a lot of beautiful performances.

I saw Angely when it was around 8pm. I didn't have any chances to talk to her as she was with her family and I was with others. We sat on the road loitering, nothing to do, listening and watching the fireworks display, perfectly nice. My parents came at 8.20pm, we walked around. Coincidentally, dad saw his friend and have a good chat while me and mum watched on the lion dance.

Wherever I walk, I saw friends. All were very familiar. At 9pm, I lighted up my candle in the lantern and started to walk with my parents down to Desa before mum complained that she was exhausted. We walked back to the event place, not long after that, we went home. That's all for the lantern festival in Wangsa Maju 2, venue at SMKWM2 school field. Thanks for the friends who asked me to go there as it was really fun.

Before moving.

Syifa in her Malay suits.

Popcorn in Shi Yee's house.

She was studying, I tried to accompany her but [...]

I played computer, while Shi Yee revised.

Having fun everywhere.

Lion dance.

Can you see the shadow of Shi Yee, me and Mei Yee?

Me and little brother, Ah Lok.
Liang Kah Kin kept blocking the view when I pressed "capture!". I tried a few attempts. And I was very angry for that, he don't want me and Ah Lok to take pictures together~ Grr.

Loitering in the middle of the road 100metre from event place.

Sitting on the street.

Firework-display right in front.

Dragon dance by a group of young men.

The colourful lantern lighted up.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

hor?...jingoku shojo?...this anime quite old....if i remember....this anime hav 3 series.....hahaha...known as jigoku shojo, jigoku shojo futakomori, and...jigoku shojo mitsuganae...lol..if i remember their name

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i dunno. i just remember the boy's name is ki-chan if not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

no photo with me doe ;[ waaa. ehh Shi Yee's block is just next to mine. haha.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...


yea, u were very busy with yr new boy.

Anonymous said...

no new boy laa. shh diam. haha! simply make gossip :P

amy美琪-kaykay- said...