Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second day..

4 days remain.. I am pretty excited to end this as soon as possible.. I am getting bored with it..

Today, only BM exam.. Not that stress.. But was needed to memorize some points.. A very tired day.. I wrote more than 1000 words today.. " Amy Ng May Kay " = 4 words already~

BM Paper 2.. Unexpected questions.. It's hard.. Teacher never give us any tips and every single question in the paper was really hard.. Especially when my hand started to shake.. I am feeling nervous as there were only 20 minutes left.. Everybody wasn't done with it.. I was really mad, teacher was speaking on the microphone very loudly in the school hall.. All the points in my head had flew away..

After this paper, everyone was saying that it's hard.. Yes, it was a tough one.. We were kinda mad with the teachers being so inconsiderate, talking so loudly with the microphone and the microphone produced very high frequency sound, I was just beside the window.. I could hear everything she said.. I am sure the whole school can.. Sorry, I am putting blames on others..

S.Phing pulled me to the toilet right after I asked her "how was the paper?".. And she was feeling very disappointed with her paper.. I lent her my shoulder. Wet wet already.. LOL. Never mind, lent her for only, a day..

Soon, at 12pm, took BM paper 1.. It was OKAY.. I am okay with the paper because it's not that hard.. Thanks to the teacher who did the paper.. And went home with S.Sya, S.Phing, on the way, J.Eng.. Me and S.Phing was busy discussing the paper and S.Sya asked us to stop, but. . . we didn't.. Sorry!

Coming up tomorrow : BI paper One and BI paper Two.. Hope I can do it with all my heart..



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... I am a little worst... I am so nervous and worried till I forget everything... It is like nightmare... So more the class is so noisy eventhough is exam (depends on which teacher comes in)

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