Thursday, December 3, 2009

25th November.

Let me finish up all that had been delayed.

Dad sent me to visit Sya Sya at hospital. I made a LOVE card for her, hoping her to recover soon. But I seemed to be a little childish. And she looked kinda dull, I told her I wanna feed her the porridge, but she kept smiling. =) And then, I got to go out at 2pm, sorry!

Dad came to fetch me at 2.30pm. Together with mummy and sister, we went to Mid valley. Because dad got appointment with people there. Dad and the people discussing for 2 hours, me and my sister were bored till death. At 5.30pm, I finally got to eat my dinner~ LOL.

Car parked. Took this photo for safety purpose. Scared dad forgot where he parked the car.

New made for The Garden.


She allowed me to take her photo.

Penang's ice kacang is much better than this!

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