Sunday, December 6, 2009


Long time no write already~ Kinda...... miss this blog. Sometimes, just look around the blog, look and look. So boring ^^

Today going out again. Go people's open house at Damansara. Mum bought some various size pots for her cousin as a gift.

But now, aunty Melissa wanna come over to bring Sue-ann go Sg.Wang before heading to the open house. Mum told me to follow along. But I am not interested~ Go there more boring, for I guess.

These days, I just online, sleep, eat and TV. Wasting my time. Recently, dad applied the new "wireless". One word, "soooong"~ Online in study room and my room, with sister's laptop. So nice.

ENJOY before the PMR nightmare coming!! LOL.

Forgot to say, I already cut my hair~ But unlike last time. This time, I only trimmed my hair. Not much different.


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