Monday, December 21, 2009

Family gathering.

Uncles / Aunties / Grandma / Daddy / Mummy.
SueAnn / Elaine / James / Julia / Amy / Simone / Chyng Yee.
(Imperfect, Collin and Aaron were absent.)

P/S: Photos coming up soon.
P/S: Messy post.

7pm, everyone came to my house to gathered up before heading to the restaurant somewhere near my house. I forgot the name ==

While eating, I kept playing with Simone, who sat beside me. After eating, we played (not played), alot of stuff. EG, making some situations and "what will you do after 20 year". LOL.

....After eating.... (I remembered 1/5 only.)
Sue-Ann: Let's come up with some situations and make up some interesting conversations.
Sue-Ann: Let's say, Chyng Yee and Simone are fighting for a guy.
- I will post up the video soon -
Simone: Sister, if you really love that guy, I will give him to you.
Chyng Yee: Yerr, I don't want, you take lah.
Elaine: Where got like that one? So, generous.


Sue-Ann: What will we do after 20 years?
Elaine: Working as manager in Genting, driving big car, having big house, ordering people to do works.
Amy: PASS first.
Chyng Yee: Married.
Sue-Ann: More detailed?
Chyng Yee: Have TWO children lah. [ok ok, acceptable].
Julia: Being rich wife. Went shopping and high tea.
James: Married and have many "lui"s.
-We thought "lui" is daughter but it came out to be "mistress".

Sue-Ann: Being in Dubai, having many high buidings built by me.
Simone: -I forgot what she said-, sorry!
Amy: I want to sleep (fern gao) 24 hours.
Elaine: Ohhh, "fern gao"!!!
Simone: Wahh, Amy!!!
Amy: I want to SLEEP and EAT..
Elaine: Wah. Supposed to, more energetic.
James: I think she don't know what meaning. She looks innocent. Stop teasing her lah.
- LOL. Actually I kinda kinda know what they talking about - just kinda wanted to ignore-.-

...What will we do after having RM 250 after 5 years...
Sue-Ann: Go to new "disneyland" located between Johor and Singapore.
Elaine: Go Penang, very cheap.
Amy: Go BANK. [see, my opinion very good].
Chyng Yee: Go Genting Highlands le.
Simone: RM 250 can do a lot of things. Go Desaru.
Julia: Cameron Highlands is good.
James: RM250 will be very small after 5 years, we will rent a car and have backpack. Travelling around,maybe.

- And later, I raise my hand to have them promised we will meet again after 5 years, all of them cross their little fingers with me, seemed like childish huh? -


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