Monday, December 21, 2009

Pictures of 201209.

21 DECEMBER 2012 is the last day of calendar written by the Maya people. We might have three more years to live in Earth.

Family gathering 2008 > HERE!

Absentee: Collin - out to Langkawi , Aaron - Sunway with friends.


Trying to act but eventually failed.

My a dozen younger cousin sister.


Daddy, Mummy and Baby. HAHA. Look alike right?

Me and Elaine =)

Aunt Joanne and Uncle Dominic.

3 sisters.

Daddy and Mummy.

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Kee Lim.

Chopsticks WAR.

9 dishes started.








James and his chicken FEET.

I love em'.


=) =)

Little goldfish and me.

Elaine Ng. And James Liew.

What is she looking at ... ?

Me and Sue-Ann.

Something ... in our mouth.

Food. Finished.

Got hongbao from grandma, kekez.

Julia and James Liew.

Elaine and Sueann Ng.

Amy Ng and Simone Lean.

Something special.

Ice fighting. Ices in our hand. COLD COLD~

Going home time. 7-10pm.


Good Nite.


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