Friday, January 15, 2010


This morning, went to school and the canteen. Not even having my seat, S.Sya already pulling me to borrow senior's protractor. We went there, but came back with nothing.

First class, Maths! Maths class will never be boring because need to remember a lot of solutions and how to solve this and that~ Next Seni. Just copied a lot of notes. ^^

Then recess ~~~ Grrr.. I never wanted to eat anything. BT wanna eat Nasi Lemak. So, I accompanied her to buy with the others. Who know, suddenly came out one guy from nowhere. I (TER)hit his ... buttocks. I don't want de.

Before reaching class, KKSheng already kept teasing me and spreaded the news very quickly. I was like OMG~ Almost every Chinese people know it. But haiz. So shameful and embarrassed.

GEO, SEJ and BI~ He still kept saying about it~ And said wanna bring cushion as I sit behind him~ He scared I will "chao shui" him. == HaiZzzzZzz.. I am SO THE disappointed.


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