Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One? Unity? Peace?

Today Civic, PJ and so on.. Nothing to talk~~ But something happened. 没办法啦,I dunno how to show my feeling or to defend..

During BM class. Teacher was absent. ~ So, all the friends were discussing about the seats. All sort of ideas came out. But I respect Raffiq for his job, he was fair enough for considering S.Sya's idea. And it was good until I was told by friends that they were cheating.

I was told by a Malay girl (not sure what name). Which I only get to know her this year. She told me to get back to my seat. I was like ... WHAT?? You...? Was I supposed to be the one who supposed to be in front and checking on the names? And you're too much? I told S.Man and S.Man said I am too stupid.. ^^ and == ..

But when it's time for Moral, I suddenly showed up and scolded them. Especially Raffiq~ It wasn't your fault, Sorry. But it won't be such a coincidence to have all the Chinese at the edge of the class. So, I scolded them and went off to the next class. On the way to Moral, J.Eng and me crash each other~ I think they got on her nerve too (first time weyh). So, I was a little surprised.

At last, I cooled myself down in Moral class. I was all smiling. When re-think, it was just a small matter. But S.Man and B.Teng couldn't cool down much. It was said that the people were very 过分 (too much/excessive). I knew being the middle people is hard~~

When it's time to get home, I was surprised the Malay girls and Vinosa told me that tomorrow they are going to re-do the seats. I was like .. sorry for just now?? Maybe I am the only one who is too OVER re-act. Sorry? 我什么都做不成,真笨!


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