Friday, January 15, 2010


Should I go for tuition?

I feel like I started feeling I am so stupid as almost all my friends are going for tuition. Maybe I can get average results during form1 and form2. But as time flies, things get harder.

I knew I will get tuition when I am in Form 4. People who scored straight As in major exam normally did take tuition. Both my sisters who achieved 7As also went to tuition at Kasturi.

I felt lazy and it's such a waste to spend RM 140 on it. I have better spend the money in another stuff. I was lazy in home. No time table, no specific times, not enough discipline. I am very sure my results will not maintain as before.

As I always said, I am very stupid. I learn and catch up very slow. Results also so bad~ Exam (intervensi 1) is coming the next Thursday, yet, I haven't even touch a single book or only one book.


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Our stories said...

i oso dont hav any tuition lo...wat 4 wasting time tuition harder la...