Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sya~

Glad I am the first who wished you at 12.30am~ HAHA, sorry. Supposed I am the 100th to wish you but luckily, ... !! HAHA~

You are the first Malay I met who know how to speak Chinese, even better than me! I am proud to meet you! Are you happy to meet me? HAHA, just kidding~

I realized we took quite a number a photos compared to the others~ You are addicted, just like me! :) Hope you love the birthday gift I gave you. You and HIM, I started talking first, sorry ar~ Kakaz.

Happy 15th birthday~ You are the oldest amongst us. Must take care of all your "muimui" (s) oh~ Hope you will remain happy, healthy and pretty! All the best for PMR! ILY.


January 2009. The first month I know you.

August 2009!

July 2009!
This post HAHA a lot~ Insane dy. Got to stop here.
Take care,

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