Friday, January 22, 2010


Today, second day of exam. Intervensi. I found out that all schools in KL are having the same paper but different day. Some got clues from friends in another school. I would ask for it too~

BM 1 - moderate. It is quite tough and I felt tired. I don't know why. I just circle the answer and fell asleep.

BI 1 - few questions not very sure. I have been on this question for 10 minutes. "His heart sank" means .. A. Irritated. B. Agitated. C. Annoyed. D. Frustrated. Every answer is the same. S.Man & J.Eng do C. Z.Yin and S.Sya do A. Me and B.Teng do B. KKS1 & 2 do D.

BI2 - was reading the moral values and lessons of Novel a few times. Then, who know, KKSheng said will come out "incident". I told him not, it's very uncommon question. He wanna bet with me. I said "fine". Then, he said if INCIDENT got come out, I need to ... And I said if no INCIDENT, he needs to ... with 某人. So, when the paper came, no NOVEL part~ Feeling so good but after that, teacher gave another paper which is novel, and OMG, it's INCIDENT~ == Lose. He said he already book hotel on Sunday for me and 某人~ And dunno what video recording.

Tomorrow is a schooling day~ OHno. And coming up next week, harder and tougher exams. Good lucks to all. And KKSheng said he sure can get 100% Maths, ok la, I give up the marks, you so chuan~ Let you and Sri win.



Jumbohead the Imperial Warrior said...

both answer very near
frustrated means not statisfied
and agitated means troubled or excited

but most suitable is D frustrated^^
I wrong hahahaha

FrenzshipForever said...

my answer also B...(Sharon)

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

how u know is frustrated?
cuz kks they said is?

ya, only the answer that i dunno what meaning. haha.

Jumbohead the Imperial Warrior said...

cause agitated means something make u angry or very exciting.....but frustrated means down and upset......i chose b=.=