Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 and 3.

Second and today is third day~ So bored at home!

Yesterday, we all planned go Cameron but eldest sister said got homework do~ So lame. She woke up at 12pm today. And ate lunch. After lunch, read her books in my room and 2pm, I went in. She was "zzzZZzzZZ-ing". Kek sei ngo.

Recently, following on the movie "E.U". I am feeling Ron Ng is getting more and more handsome. HAHA. One day finish one CD. Another CD to finish. Erm erm. While watching, my hand always got itch - go take food eat. More more fat. OVERWEIGHT!

Just now, went to gym at 5pm alone. Because I really heavy already~ Later 8pm, went to swim with mummy and second sister. Eldest sister and dad went gym~ I didn't swim much. Just played with the water.

Now, so hungry~ I asked mum called pizza hut. She said "you treat us right?". I said "yes!". Suddenly felt I got so much money on my hand. HAHA. JKJK. Then, I said "my (股票) stock market got increase!" ~ All them laugh, because I never play stock market. LOL.

Tomorrow, going to J.Eng's house at Selayang. Later, go to Aunt Melissa's house. Mum asked me come back earlier but I don't know how~ I want go both place. Haiz~ Suan la. 顺其自然吧。


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