Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY day 4.

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Morning. 10am only awake. Mum asked me what time my friend come fetch me. I said 10 to 10.30am. She said when she reach only you want to wake up is it. I was like "kind of, kind of"! LOL. I smsed J.Eng ask her give me 15 minutes "xin li jun bei"~ So, ya, she gave me 15 minutes. ^^

Reached J.Eng's house in Selayang. Ate abit tidbits. Drank water. The boys played playstation. Just sat there with S.Man, S.Sya, Z.Yin, the host and Elaine. After that, ate lunch - meehoon~ Wow. So yummy :) We ate alot. The whole big bowl finished by us! Later, went walk around the condo. Got roof top - nice!

At 2pm, my parents came fetch me~ Leave behind all my friends~~ Wuuuu! Went to Melissa Yeye's house. I am so sleepy- so, I slept until 5pm. Popo said I look young - and made me awake to help her massage. LOL. Mum and Yeye prepared dinner. James, Julia and Aunt Jeniffer came. We ate together. After eating, washed plates. Sam came into the kitchen.
Sam: Why didn't drink the soup?
Amy: Got ah, drink already.
Sam: Got meh?

I helped him washed his plates. Cause he is guy ma~

... This is the second sentences he talked to me beside the "gong xi fa cai", he's being very cool at times, but very friendly sometimes...

At 10pm, went home! Home sweet home~

First picture of day - with Z.Yin.

Sya sexay side~

She took a lot nice photos but cannot upload!

Ngee :)

I realized how ugly I am.

Gamble without money. No offense.

J.Eng took a photo in her cam - very nice! HAHA!

Sakit - ing.


J.Eng, me and S.Sya~

5 people. Random 2.


S.Sya my pretty buddy.

Yes yes, I am fatter than you~ HEHE!

From 6 o'clock clockwise. Me silver, Elaine black, J.Eng black, S.Sya white, Z.Yin black and red, black, white shoe - S.Man.

Say cheese.

Z.Yin~~ And me :)

Yumyum. Thanks auntie.

Good girl washing plates.

Getting so much fatter. Started feeling scared.




Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Take 4. Nian chu 4~~

Granny. :)



Food again, I am loving it.

The mysterious girl.


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