Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tuesday (second)
2nd (second)
February (second)

Yesterday came from Genting~ So tired~ Took a bath and onlined. Facebook-ing. Got 99 notifications, for only about 30 hours. So, look on it one by one. 12am. Slept.

Today, I have high hopes for going to school but dropped some + some after that~ Hurr. I don't care already~ I don't want think already~ Just naturally la. 顺其自然 la~~

Should I go for Gamma practice? Haiz. I felt like lazy cause no people go, and it seemed like going to rain later~ Haih. Laziness. But hope I can go. And with loads of friends. But all girls never go. Only Jumbohead and DaiLou again~ And they also not very sure. ==

Hmm. Sad case.


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