Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Genting 1st 2010.

Supposed to have stayed 2 nights there and skipped Tuesday school but I am not that cruel to myself and my parents won't allow though. They booked the room due a basis which was "buy 1 night, free 1 night". LOL. Going up there on 2 cars. One dad, another is Uncle Dominic's. They got no enough space in car, so put many stuff and a people in dad's car cause only the three of us.

Reached. Settled up the rooms. Dad was like "last time, Elaine did it, now, it's time for you to learn something". And I was like "easy job!", haha! Deduct points from Dad and Popo's world CARD. Aunt Mel and Popo slept in a room. Me, mum and dad one room in Resorts World. Aunt Joanne in FirstWorldHotel, smaller rooms.

They came into our room for talking and eating because it's kind of bigger and all stuff were there. Around 6pm only we went down for a stroll. Walk walk walk~ Then, mum and Aunt Mel decided to go for a MAGIC movie, I forgot the name~ I didn't follow. Me and cousins go "ding ding chang" play. Herm. FUN!!

After that, all adults went to the Casino. Only left me, Simone, Chyng Yee and Aunt Melissa. Walk around and refilled our stomach. Went back to room for bathing. Finally all came back and slept. Next day, awake at 8.08am but slept again till 9.09am~ Ate breakfast, mum brought a lot black pepper hotdog. All came to our room for the breakfast.

After that, went down~ walk walk walk~ tired. Go mushroom farm at 5pm. And finally back to KL at 7pm. Headed to Sentosa Hospital for visiting big uncle. Adults chit-chatted so much~ Finally and finally, dad treat us eat at a restaurant near HKL. RM 200 just for few types of noodles. Expensive - heart paining, haha!

Watched Orphan on IPhone on the way~

Chin Swee temples and my two cousins..

This is not call hazy, it'call misty..



It's going quite fast.

Booked since 28 November.

Stuff~ Macam want shift house~

The one who stick with me when still little.
Now, so cool. ~~ haha.

Same age, I am her one dozen weeks sister.

^^ My little cousins.

Elderly chit-chatting at back.


6 princess.


^^ So good..






This is Chestnut seller. He helped us to obtain more tickets. He is very good in the basketball~ Can beat highscores.

Aunt Joanne and mummy - basketball.

See our tickets.. Proud..

My chyng yee yee.

Come bike with me. Don't blame for clashing onto ...

Shooting~ Just look at camera~ HAHA.

659 ... Wow.. ONLY~

This people here got 5158 and ++ ~~




Simone said this angle can see hair dyed.


Karaoke .

Mirror mirror who is the prettiest in the world.
Not you, if the only answer.

Ice cream gals.

Me too~

Funny faces.

Mushroom farm~ Eye closed.

The smallest tortoise here is much bigger than mine at home.

Don't know dad want capture what.

Mum + dad.

Give you eat!!

Duck? Nope. Goose? Yes.

Uncle Dom and my parents.

Fake de, obviously.

Blekss =P

My little girl girl.

Nice flowers.


Mushroom farm.


Back to KL~ So hot~

Eat eat eat! =)

Come' on girls~







Big head prawn. Dai tao ha.

Not again~~ Chopsticks war.

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