Wednesday, February 17, 2010


At 2pm, an unknown number called me~ Talk cantonese and he said he from SMKWM2, so, I kept guessing for 2 minutes, Liang Kah Kin and Lok lok - cause they got contact me recently. But it wasn't. He gave us and give me clue. Start with O. Then I know already~ Ong Kah Seng. Hmm.

At 8pm, got another unknown number 018. Called. Asked me who I am. I told him I am Amy. Then, he kept laughing. My sister took the phone. And asked who is him~ And my sister ended the call. All the relatives looking at me - so weird. I texted the people. He said "wanna be friend with me."? Who is that?

Later, came home. While bathing, my sister took up the phone and answered don't know who the call. She asked him is my classmate? He said "yes". So, I checked the list. It wasn't my classmate leh~ The form 5 guy~ He said he boring asked me help by chatting with him~ Till now chatting with him cause he said he boring in hometown. So wudeliao and hamsapgui~! no need review your name la. HAHA~

Then, Kah Fai called me~ Said tomorrow want come my house. But tomorrow I am going out at 12pm~ LOL. If you come after 12pm, no people entertain, don't blame me ah~ Lol.

My handphone keypad is dying. I hope it's not dying. Praying hard~ Keep sms'ing, now think it's kinda weird when pressing~ Don't spoil!!!!!


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