Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Finally I am finished with the Genting post. Promised them to write it ASAP~ Now finished can relax lur. But need upload to Facebook and tag them~

First of all, just now back from GAMMA~ As every gamma's know, the sun is really hot and needed to run 5 rounds, i just ran 4 1/2 rounds. Walked home, felt dizzy~ And just now going into toilet for bath, cannot see anything for few seconds. Feel like fainting, luckily, didn't~

Today so not in the mood. Don't know why. I should feel happy for what I have now but I didn't. Just kind some of ... yeye advise. She advised me and my cousins that day in Genting. People comes and goes. And this is what life is~~

You're like that and you will never change. How can I like you? You shouldn't be the type that I admire. But there's really something in you that I like. If I closed this door, I will find another door, don't be too sad about these matters - Aunty Mel.

It's normal to start a new life. If he treats me a little better, I would feel so UP. But if he didn't entertain me, so DOWN (good speech from yeye). Just like today, nothing much happened but I was like ... grrr. Other people treat me how good also, I didn't care. I am being so selfish. LIFE HAVE A LOT OF UPS AND DOWNS = Fishie + Shaun.

I couldn't tell you.



Fishie said...

weh!wat me and shaun!!!
dun write sumthing weird la><
later they go gossip then i die na~
my life really got lotof up and down><

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

sry la. i dun wan just put a name. few names. especially when it comes to sxxxx.

yes. me too.

Jumbohead said...

hi fishie nice to meet u=.=

amy美琪-kaykay- said...


ya, fishie meet jumbohead.
jumbohead meet fishie.

lolx. herm. fishie this year form4. her huband is my fren.

haha. jumbohead this year form 3. and his wife is my fren.

hahaa. i so WULIAO~~

Jumbohead said...

zzz =.=