Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sick / Friends / Utube / Facebook / OneFm.

Yesterday half day sick~ Sweating all day~ Really really paining. Haiz~ Somemore sore throat. At night, sister called, so I said "hello". She said "why your voice changes"? I said "HALO!" again~~ Haiz, got to eat medicine again!

Yesterday spent all day online. Chatted with those few fellows - Fishie, Angely, Leong Siah, Kah Seng, Ian and others :) The name listed all are from SMKWM2~ So, it is nice to talk, laugh and especially tease Kah Seng. He very fast will get angry. HA HA~ So, later, I said byebye cause the topic cannot be continued.

Yesterday I got the first message from Liong Chen Fui. Since so long never meet up. He used to play with me last time, like very best friends. He dare to pull my hair, pull my shirt etc and I did the same like samseng girl. So, yesterday he asked me whether I stilled remember him or not~ LOL, of course. He then asked me "got new boyfriend already?". I said "NO~". Impossible la right. No comment~

Yesterday I got one message from the "senior guy"~ I lazy reply his message~ He asked me know Mandarin or not~ I know a little bit~ Then, he send this message (something like that in mandarin) "You got 4 choices. First, sms me back means you like me. Second, miss call me means you miss me. Third, call me means you love me. Fourth, don't do anything means you暗恋me". I got no choice but sms back saying it's very 无聊~ If not, means I admire him .. ==

Tomorrow is the final day of CNY~ Nothing special. Got no plan for tomorrow yet, till now~ And sorry Anna for rejecting your invitation because these few days really tired already~ Till here, byes.

Bye guys~

Miss you all too :)

FACEBOOK. Whole day online. 1pm - 7pm(now). No people disturb me. But kinda bored, so less people online~ I finally uploaded all Chinese New Year photos to Facebook. It takes 10minutes to upload 200 pictures and it takes around 1hour to tag people. Because kinda lag as 200 photos. There are 242 pictures but limited space in it.

In Youtube. Open few songs. -哭过就好了and 一秒也好 mtv because wanna practise for Karaoke Session. But when I start want to sing. OMG. I forgot my voice already .... So, stopped singing already, if not, my voice will get soarer~ When my voice will recover?!

OneFm. I was in whole day. Listening to OneFm 找到你 (wan dou lei)~ By Jeff and Jane. I couldn't stop laughing and kept eating snacks :) Nothing to do~ So, it's a very nice time. BTW, a good news. I won a "记事本" from OneFm 快乐点. Just write slogan and compete with around 70 other OneFm fans. ^^


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