Monday, March 1, 2010


I gave up. I will take my words. I really gave up. I don't deserve it. It's really hard~ Harder than anything I have tried before. You are not the one, I realized. 你曾经给过我幸福~可是现在,那种幸福已经不存在了~ Thanks and sorry.

The entire day was tired. After all. I really felt the dizziness in me after the hot sun blasted on me~ I really cannot feel the enjoyment any longer. So, today is Monday. A brand new month, a brand new week and a brand new DAY!

Today, I went to school early at 6.40am. Dad fetched me there. All of them said I "change surname (gai xing)". HAHA~ No la, it's because erm erm ... to try something new~ But coming early is really great. I never sweat the whole day except for the "latihan kebakaran". Wushh~ That one really tiring and hot~

So, after all day long, nothing much happened. Time to go home~ YAY~ It's the best time of the day. Other times such as waking up time, brushing teeth time, time for school, time for study, time for everything don't actually interest me. I preferred to stay in home. Cool, warm and really home sweet home :)

Me and J.Eng waited in the shed. I told J.Eng last week that I wanted to eat the ice-cream. But I refused to buy today because of my so-called-don't-wanna-fat. After all, she success in her persuading. She kept looking at me and the ice-cream lorry~ And asked me "你真的不要买?". She asked for few times, then, I surrenderred! And we bought 2 ice-creams. One Vanilla, another Chocolate. It's very soft. I ate like a small children. Yum yum!


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