Monday, March 1, 2010


To LCF (Chen Fui): 对不起啦~ 我不是在玩你!我没有将小气的!
Aikss. This is the "akibat" of being fake "小气". He texted me~ And I said "don't wanna be your friend already"! He said "sorry" but I didn't entertain him. So, he texted again "不要生气啦"~ I said I am kidding only! Then, he said I played him == Sorry~~~

To AZY (Zhen Yin): This is the BM hand-out. Sorry scan wrong way already. Click on the picture to enlarge and save it. After that, zoom-in! Fast do! Sorry very messy!


2.. Senget jor~~


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Anonymous said...

No Lo. I No Angry u.