Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Multi purpose blog :)

Here you go if you couldn't open in MSN email.

I have been scanning a lot of stuff for my friends now :) It's so convenience. HAHA! Here is the copy of BM essay we have been discussing. For Z.Yin, Sya, S.Man, J.Eng, J.Yu, S.Phing, B.Teng +++. It's just the first two paragraph, so, others work it out yourself :) JIA YOU~

Today Sivik first class. Helped teacher do stuff. Together with others. After that PJK~ Some were not very available today. So, today, we did some minor exercises. Teacher counted our times and stamina. First first do the "jangkau melunjur". I got 33cm. And the other one, some kind like sit-up~ S.Sya said me "果然是运动员"~ But I got the lowest for the activity. HAHA!

Recess in the library. Wah~ There very hot. But nevermind la, just chit-chatting with my friends. Today is a very happy day!! KH 1 period, sweating like ... pig!! Do woodwork (?). After that, BM. Discussed with SS, ZY, JE and SM bout the essay. I drived away J.Yu from his place because wanna Z.Yin and J.Eng sit with us, very sorry~ SM kept don't want listen ==

Last class, Moral. B.Teng went home already because she not feeling well. Just copied notes and did exercises like usual. Back home at 1.20pm. Ate and rested. Back to school for nadi class at 2.15pm. So tiring. BM and Maths. Time flies. In no time, it's 4.30pm already~ Time for home :) Walked home with Sri and S.Phing.

Birthday corner - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HJ!! One year older, more grey hairs and wrinkles. 16 years old already~ Hope you will remain happy, healthy and of course pretty. All the best in all your undertakings and your on-going exams.


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