Monday, March 29, 2010

Leong Siah..

Birthday Corner
Lalala~~ Leong Siah became 15 today. He is the boy who is very polite and good although maybe now he's being influenced by the other bad boys. We never fight or argue before (unlike other boys in WM). We were quite best friends but when we are in Form1, I don't realized much of his existence cause of the others who were more showing when he was very quiet.

HAHA~ I always realized you now. Cause you're maybe the "only" good boy I have known in Moral class Form1. Allright, wish you all the best and be the best :) Have great years ahead. May God bless you!

18 August 2008. Party + Tennis at my house. Childishnya.

His house party (17 Aug 2008).
Errrrr. Look back at my photos - felt wanna vomit.

Leong Siah, Andy Lee and Lok lok. 2008.
All so cute :)

Nerdy LeongSiah, my 干第 lok and Jamice MeiYee.

CNY 2010. He has gotten handsome and I am being more ugly. This picture got some comments in FaceBook. HAHA~ Have a look? HERE. I can say we're just normal friends. And of course we are! I miss you. All in SMKWM2.

P/S: If you wanted to know more about him, just searched "Leong Siah or "Liang Chen" in the search box above the chatbox. ^^


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