Wednesday, March 31, 2010

See you ;)

Sorry long time no update jor~ It's not because of my exam. It's because I am too lazy. I onlined 24/7 and updated my FaceBook only.

These few days having exams. But I didn't actually read much. For example, yesterday, today I was supposed to sit for Science and Maths exam but I didn't read anything until 6am the next morning.. B.Teng smsed me asking about what will come out. S.Phing called me at 10pm saying that she read too fast and she eventually cried. I was WATCHING TV at 10-12pm.

I told mum. Very weird. Why everybody is rushing to read the books when I am here sitting enjoying the snacks and the movie. I knew this will effect my exam's results. But I am going to speed on the middle of the year or whenever, BIG talk (talk so easy, do so hard). I am procrastinating everything~ Hate it.

So, today, Science paper 2. We got the 2009 Intervensi 2 paper. We got tips from all sources saying that the previous year paper will repeat. So, we read very hardly, memorized everything. Puan Norizan misunderstood and kept looking at us because of our "gui gui sui sui" de face~ She said that is no use if we get an A in Intervensi and finally, a D for PMR.

I saw the first page of the paper and told myself "STUPID". Why on earth I go and memorise it so carefully. It's totally a different paper but quite the similar to Intervensi 1. After the short break, science paper 1 begun. Is okay for me. The one in front of me (kks) even said it's VERY EASY. And last test for the day, Maths paper. I have target (only target but mission without action is merely a dream) to get 100% without having to see the exact paper. But you know what? Click here and you will understand =)

And the main point I actually composed this post is mainly because I realized something. Something which I have never think about or it had not come across my mind before. I have actually seen a lot of stories regarding loves. I thought it would be "sweet" but after some stories, it isn't anymore as sweet. The girl broke up with her boyfriend and their words became sarcastic, no more "dear, honey etc". And they eventually became enemies and a small fight started. So, I won't think about the "matter" which has been blurring and distracting my mind for all these while any longer.

Cheers for that.

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