Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anugerah Cemerlang 2010.

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Early morning, woke up at 6am. Too early. So, went to study room and done all my Maths homework. 6.30am, wake mum and dad. 7am prepare myself. 7.30am, sped off to school. Very less people that time but got form 4 seniors. That Ron kept say me Panda, non-stop. Nevermind loh, panda quite cute ^^7.50am, SP reached with her mum, later ZY reached.

We sat there just doing nothing. Chit-chatting. S.Phing's seat was quite far, so, she exchanged place with Sri. Then, she changed back. Me and Sri talked a lot but I just cannot concentrate much on him cause of the one talking in front. Vinosa and me. Raffiq and Amirah behind me kept playing by kicking my shoe/touched my shoulder and scared me off later. And Chicken Wing calling me Panda and I calling Chicken Wing.

JayMing's video/profile was up. Next year would probably be Sri's turn but Sri said it would be my turn. But it's so the impossible. HAHA~ So does LimTeckYu's. I recorded JayMing's. Because they wanted to see. It's below - end of the post. Congratz HsinJ, JMing, KeeZhuan, Chicken Wing, Qian, Grace and Shawn for straight As PMR. And TeckYu for 10As SPM.

Went up to the podium, received two certs, 4 reference books and one voucher. Sri obtained even more! Oh my gosh. It was a lot! Okay. Then, took photos. Nice times. Thanks mummy and daddy for attending this ceremony. I hope you'll get to attend next year (hope I can get again next year) :) HAHA!

Sri's hand. Counting the time guru besar giving speech. 10 minutes :) And Puan xxx gave 19 minutes of speech. Such a long time to go. Bored and yawned.

My cert. Number 2 + Mathematics.

Sri Kabelan. Number 1. And the upside down cert.

CLAP!! ~~

Vinosa and me ^^

Me and Sri, chats of the day.

Raffiq and Amirah. Chicken Wing behind.

Me and Vinosa certs.

Wing's hand blocking JayMing and Teoh.

Jay Ming and Teoh. Straight scorers.

Chicken wing, he did the wing style but I didn't capture. Still call me panda? Nowadays, panda will eat chicken one!

Pretty + Intelligent Hsin Jie :)

Z.Yin and me.

H.Jie and me ^^

Me and WaiLoong. Behind was ChicWing, JayMing and another one I don't know - couldn't recognise.


Form2 2009. ^^

Click to enlarge :)

Like we're graduated. But we are not.

Puan Mohana slipped into me and Z.Yin.

Form 4 seniors.

Me and Chicken Wing. And WaiLoong was behind.
Wing don't let Loong in and Wing arrogant say me short.

Going back time.


5 minutes.

My cert~ Although it's not very big.




AMY NG MAY KAY. Proudly.

Reference books.

Empty fried rice. The "egg" was added by mum. How stingy was the school. Ok, not so!

Tips: Click play twice and click pause. Wait until it's fully buffered and click play for viewing. Open up speakers for better scene :)
No end to success by a PKBP student.

Jay Ming's slideshow.



jay said...

oh god~~~faint~~~
y put the video of my slideshow~><

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha~~ got ppl wanna see...
make u even more popular~~