Thursday, March 4, 2010


Thanks to all the commentors yesterday. I really appreciate your advises - Sherlin, Jumbohead and Nich. And of course, thx Jess. aha~ So, I am going to change the colour of words later cause few people said it's not suitable for reading. OK~!!!! I will change, tonight. Sorry guys~~

Today ^^ :)

My blog very boring already~ Today Thursday. A busy day.

First class, Science. Went to the lab. And copied notes, did some exercises, passed up books. Next, KH. Went to the KH bengkel~ Did the wood work. Sweating of course. I started to pin the nails already, gonna be done soon, in another time. Recess~~~

Sej. KKSheng, Sri, KKSiong, J.Yu, W.Jien's group to do presentation for chapter 3. Their voices are too slow or too fast or too loud or too boring. I am almost asleep. Few people were sleeping the whole class. Last class, BM - komsas day. ^^ After teacher explained, KKSiong started doing magic. WOW! :)

Back home~ On the way, stopped on the shed. And J.Eng used her old technique again. She asked "really don't want? really?". But I refused. HAHA~ But finally after seeing J.Yu also bought it, okay lah~ Three ice-cream please, uncle! With the ice-cream, I don't feel the heat from the sun. So, okay lah~

Later got kelas nadi again~ Gonna be awake till 5, and feeling wanna go exercises~ Going to get better rest tomorrow. Byes.


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