Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Office clerk.

Today at school was delighting. Nothing special had happened but it's just very nice. I have Reader Digest March 2010 to be read, dad suggested so. And today, I borrowed a book from library. Gonna finish it soon too. But before that, I have another more important mission to be done - A REPORT before clock strikes 6pm. I didn't had any short or long nap today :) A big success.

I am exchanging with others. Today, JE and BT helped me to draw and wrote about Science figures as I am not good in drawing. So, I chose to write the report for English essay and scanned it for them :) Taa daa. But I am not good in English, scared will got them into a wrong pace. So, if there's any mistakes, please do correction yourself okie!

It's 5.30pm now. And it's raining so heavily. I done it with the help of my dad and the internet source. Sorry my grammar isn't good. And my words are very messy. Change some sentences as I think some of it are kinda "hanging". ^^ I am scanning a lot of stuff these few days. I felt great and I am as busy as a bee. I love this feeling of being some kind like "searching for paper to write and after that scan it"! HAHA.

Here's the paper for Sya, Yin, Man, Teng and J.Eng. The third one is the correct one. The first essay was wrong, I only know after I see the textbook - writing task page 39.. Haiz~

The wrong one. Page 1.

The wrong one. Page 2.

The correct one.

Okay, now everybody knows how bad is my English. You can start criticising and commenting on me :) Thanks.


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