Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am an Aprilfool after all.

The first person made me me an AprilFool- I saw KKSiong on my way to school and he succedded his attempt to fool me. It was my first time to see him walking to school. And I am aprilfooled.

Not much people played me. But KKSiong and KKSheng took away my reference books, my bag, my bottle and my pencil box. I wanted back but they didn't want to give back. So, I got to fight for it - 2 minutes before Maths for my pencil case. And I even heard somebody said something about me! I really knew who you are, what you are like, and you know what? I really hate this type of people, talking at the back and when being questioned, got frighten for saying the word without realizing that I am just behind you.

It's 5 minutes before the Geografi paper started, S.Phing asked me for money to buy milk for S.Man who is having gastric. But "milk for gastric?". I wanted to pass her the 10ringgit notes but she wanted me to follow along. I was like "uh, so late?". But to show some humanity, I followed. The people in the canteen was so slow. I was so nervous for the exam and we finally get that super hot Milo. I asked S.Phing to walk first while the SLOW uncle exchanged money. I carried it from Ground floor to Third floor and S.Phing wanted to continue after that. And finally, reached class. The paper is almost going to start. I was sweating, panicked and hot. And my tears dropped during the beginning of exam because I am blankand my hands were shivering, luckily nobody realized. I was very angry with somebody's action - I felt that sometimes she's over re-acting? I did until question number 60 and repeated, I erased around 20 answers and re-do. And when the paper ends, I realized a lot of people felt it's hard. Until it's time to go home, S.Man said thanks to S.Phing but she didn't thank me. Okay, I am bad the bad people behind all these.

And what the ...? I found this website HERE! or THIS! It says that don't drink milk when you have gastric. And some tips are there for gastric pain.

Really a bad april fool day.. Back from Nadi, I will post "birthday corners" for 4 friends =) A lot birthdays today~~


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