Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lately being in a very different mode. Switch me off or turn me on. I am very tired~~ Today I was asleep during Geography class.

@ school today. During Maths class, Puan Norizan told me something. She said she's not feeling well these days. She told me to tell the others to work hard if something happen to her. I was like "CHOI CHOI CHOI". And I advised her to take more rest. Teacher seemed so restless lately. HaizZzzZz. Teacher you will be okay, just take more rest ok!

And I am so up to Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming lately~~ HAHA. Cause somebody in my school which my friends called "xiao shuai ge" (malay) looked like him (my thoughts). Last time, he used to call me "AMY NG" because we knew each other from Wangsa Maju. LOL. It's been a long long time since I met him.

And I don't have good feeling for him last time because he was very samseng or I didn't realize his existence. But now, CHANGED DY. Because he looked so handsome when he smiled and his eyes are always striking(放电) to girls. But my friends just don't kinda like him == I am crazy already~~~~

Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming's fan page~~







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