Monday, April 12, 2010

Ching Ming 2.

4 April 2010.

Ate breakfast at home. Mum roasted 2 large chicken and some kuih-muih for Ching Ming for grandpa (mum's side). On the way to Kajang/Semenyih Memorial Park, very heavy traffic conjestion. Luckily got people smsed with me. Not so bored =) Thanks him! Reached 8.30am. We were the earliest, walked around, and to the toilet.

Collin them reached at 9am. Went to the temple to put some joss sticks. Then, to grandpa's cemetery and cleaned up. There very hot ar, sweating all the way. Me, dad, Collin and Uncle Dominic went to take some BIG umbrellas prepared by the Nirwana. Dad took one. Collin took one. Collin climed up so bravely with the open BIG UMBRELLA. Cool~~

Prayed and ate stuff. And went to Bak Kong 白光's cemetery, just 50 metres from grandpa's cemetery. Bak Gong was very famous in the middle 19 century. She sang the 如果没有你. As we reached there, the sensor detacted us and her songs is played. She's kinda pretty and her cemetery was 3x bigger than grandpa's.

At 12pm, went back. Traffic congestion wasn't very bad. Goody. Dinner at Cheras ^^ Dad driving extremely fast as it was already very late. We drove from Cheras to KL and to Kepong and from Kepong back to KL because sent popo back to Desa. Popo, we want you to be happy, don't feel you're useless ok? Don't because of one of your daughters make you feel like mummy is also same.

Bear with my "zilian" pictures first :)
7 in the morning.

On the way.. Dunno what place is this..

Genting palm oil.

Reaching the entrance..

Food and stuff..

Collin too hot and sweaty, so he put off his shirt. Sexy back~~ HAHA!!

They said can take pictures, so, ...

Daddy and James. James ran away.

I look small standing beside Collin. Good!

Throwing some white papers.


Visiting gong gong.

Them~~ I love them..

Sentimental - every year popo will cry.


Going back time. SO HOT. I am MELTED.

Near the Nirwana Memorial Park - Garden.

Genting plantation.

Our childhood stuff..

I didn't play this for almost 7 years now.

Dulu, dia kecil-kecil. Kami buli dia tak tahu cakap Bahasa Melayu. Kerana dia tak faham. Sekarang dia sudah faham. ^^

After bath.. Good feeling..

Seeing those remind me of PUDU memories.

Budak-budak tak ada kerja..

Dinner =)

Finally, home sweet home.

Before beginning another brand new Monday.


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