Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hari Usahawan.

Early morning, raining. 6.30am like that, daddy fetched me to school, right into school compound. 6.40am - Z.Yin arrived. We sat outside, chit-chatting. 7am, B.Teng arrived. Others arrived later on. J.Eng absent today. So, we were in the hall. And the fan kept blowing my hair. So, I changed place to avoid my hair getting messy.

Got two lengzai do "wu shu". The second one ... nice! Nice hair~~ HAHA! My friends said I "fa qiao" dy. I am? Lols. Then got recycle thingy. That person just talked few words and put on videos which failed. And 9am, get to walked around. Our 3A stall was in the canteen which was a very nonstrategic place.

No electricity last minute. S.Man went to kursus PBSM for Hari Sukan as she's being volunteer that day. So, we all went into the "surau" to bake those pizza. While we baked, outside keep making orders. And kinda all of us are hungry. Eat dy, then went out. Walked walked walked. Our stall selling pizza and float got customers' attention. We made some profits out of it.

At 10.30am, accompany S.Sya for her calligraphy. Until 12pm. Walking around before 12.30pm striked and I walked home with Vinosa and T.Tian =) It was such a nice, memorable, loving day. I ate burger made by PKBP, pizza and drank float today. I think that's all.

No photos as I never dared to bring "that" to school but seemed like most of the students did. As Puan Aziah said, we must ENJOY. ^^


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