Wednesday, May 5, 2010


2nd May 2010.
BM Forum Discussion. I got to do this post fast because I haven't finish up my homework. 10 minutes on this post okay?

Early morning, went to market. Didn't bath at all. It was a hot day and I sweat a lot! Err. 9.30am, Z.Yin called already saying she wanna come earlier. But I was still outside, so, I asked her to come at 10am. She and S.Sya came at the same time, 10.40am. But who know, Z.Yin waited at the guard house 20 minutes ago - sorry, I don't know! We went upstairs and started chit-chatting, not doing revision.

Around 12pm, J.Eng reached, S.Man reached next and finally J.Hao. We called KKSiong to ask for J.Hao's number as we afraid he wouldn't come. We called him and he said "wrong number". Then, he sent a message to my phone saying "I lie you all wrong number, you also believe, so stupid". Aiyor, then, luckily J.Hao managed to find my house and pressed on the bell.

We started discussion and until 1pm, H.Yong called saying she was waiting at the guard house. I was busy with my group presentation, so, thanks to S.Sya who volunteerily went down to fetch H.Yong and B.Teng =) After staying a while in the study room, went down to the garden to do the rocket. We ate ice-cream, snacks, water as it was really hot. At 4pm, S.Man and Z.Yin went home. 4.30pm, S.Sya, J.Eng and B.Teng. Around 6pm, H.Yong, it was my first time chatting with H.Yong so much =)

For more pictures, visit Facebook Pictures 2nd May 2010~~

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