Thursday, May 6, 2010


6th May 2010
Got NADI later. Very sleepy er~~~

This morning, went to school like usual. Assembly and first class, Science. I chatted with B.Teng and S.Sya. Didn't really concentrate on the work teacher gave. Second class, KH. Aiizzz, sad thing happened. Don't mention about it. Recess @ library. Nice one =)

Back to class. SEJARAH. Wasn't very tired as teacher came in late and the time got lesser. Last class, BM. After finishing literature, went to teacher's place and did our PLBS. S.Man, Z.Yin and J.Eng memorized it very well. When I kept on saying the wrong word although I am the opener of the discussion - I am so useless.

Going back time. KKSheng and KKSiong were near my bag. They took my bottle and demanded to open the side of the bag. I of course, don't let and forced them to give me back my bottle. Then, going back time, with J.Eng. She said she wanna treat me an ice-cream but I refused cause .. hahaha! The two KKS was running 100 metres in front of me - something is not right!

When I reached C block, the lift came down from 12th floor was mum and dad. Mummy asked me whether I got NADI class or not. I said "YES". Then, I went up till 12th floor. Who knows, the two KKS was sitting at the staircase. They kept pushing each other into the lift or wanted to run away. All the 3 houses near my unit, came out at almost the same time, and they saw them == Paiseh.

The feeling of Andy Ang's is back~ Last time in 2008, he sent my home. He sent me until maindoor. I was stunned and didn't know what to do. I said "byebye" to him. He wanted to come in but I refused because grandmother and mum were home, although mum knew him but will be very awkward. Arrrr. I kinda miss you~~

7th May 2010
Early morning, all Moral students went to the field. Because the rest are having BacaanYassin. It was really hot and tiring to stand there for around 15 minutes. Back to class, had Maths. KKSiong and KKSheng kept fighting for the seat. I think I know why they did so - to avoid something =) Second class, art. KKSheng didn't bring his stuff. He helped me to colour my Batik. It was good at first. But he wasn't satisfied and it was a messy one!

Recess. A lot of people fainted after running today. Most of them are from Delta. PBSM, gogogo! Back to class, Sejarah. Continued Chapter 4. Next, is my group's turn to do presentation, woo! Next class @ laboratory. I was almost asleep - disappointed with myself. Last class at the shedding area near field.

KKSheng opened my bag's zip and saw xxx. He went around and tell KKSiong. KKSiong took my bag and opened too~ So boring. Like never see that before. Me and J.Eng was giving a "==" face. Then, I sat there with no reaction. They said I will be sad because I am a girl. They gave me back the bag, good lar like that.

小帅哥 walked pass me and J.Eng. I said "Hi". He just smile~ I was giving a "not-satisfied" face. And walked back to my friends saying I 失恋. I told them the story and they asked "like that also sat luen ar?". Then, 小帅哥 walked pass through me again while I sitting around there. He gave me see a bottle's cap. He wanted to threw it to me, but I very fast de beat his hand and the thing fell far far away!

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