Monday, May 31, 2010

BSMM practice.

27 May
Hi guys. I am back. Today was really tired. @ school until 4pm. I have kinda like 11, 12 things to be done in this blog. Too much right? But I will be doing this on my own netbook (coming soon)! So. yea.

Today quite much of the exam results are back. SEJARAH, GEOGRAFI, SCIENCE and MATHS. Here it goes.

SEJARAH - 85%. One of them I got wrong because I darken the wrong answer, another was because "Teacher told the wrong answer". I was like "huh?" Why, shouldn't it be 88%? Okay lah, second highest =) 10 marks more than KKSheng (this is what I want, he had been so arrogant these days).

- The funny part was ... KKSheng got 88% and he was listening to my name and my marks. Fine. Teacher said AMY! "78%". KKSheng was laughing. I was kinda surprised. KKSiong shook his head telling me that was not my name, it was Amy Adz.Then, teacher said AMY NG 88%. KKSheng cannot be arrogant in front of me anymore!

MATHS P1 - 38/40. It was a nightmare for me. One of the wrong answer was because of I wrongly circled the answer to the answer sheet. I regretted for my action for not checking twice. And the other one was number 13, most of us got it wrong because teacher wrote the correction on the whiteboard and the pupils who seat near me all did it wrongly just because we didn't look at the whiteboard until the papers were collected by teacher. Anyways, congratz to H.Yong for getting 40/40.

SCIENCE P1 - 35/40. No comment lahh.

After school ended, S.Sya and S.Phing came to my house, I get changed and they chit-chatted with grandma. So much to talk. Then~~ 2pm, went back to school for BSMM practice. At 4pm, home because it seemed like going to rain.

Early morning, 7.50am walked to school, K.Wei and J.Hui already rushing me== Reached school, Mr Hanafi reached later on. We started practising, not bad lah. 10am, went to Steven's Corner for a drink. Ran back to school as we were late. Practised twice before going home ;) Tired.

Lectures ;)

She was happy because grandma praised her.

Small children listened to the elder's.

Met Sue-ann at lift and helped her to take her stuff.

Stuff - so much aite?

We took short-cut and I found out that ....

I looked so short == haha.

School's field.



Haha~ In a process of learning.

She was tying up her own leg (knee).

Ugly duhh ,

The next morning.
While walking to school.

Where was she looking at ... ?

Fake guns.

At steven's.



The pantomin - publicwas shot.

Soldier vs soldier.

Me and ZamZam from - Diary Ramadhan Raffiq.

Took shortcut again!~

Bad students lahhh!~


XiiaoBenDan said...

haha!that ZamZam just stay near my house! xD!haha!he last time do before many dramas :D!
he is damn freaking good x)!

amy美琪 said...

haha~~ yaya.. i first time see him in the school also feel guaiguai de.. lol.. saw him in TV b4..