Friday, June 4, 2010

Sing K.

29 May 2010
That morning, daddy fetched me, my sister, Z.Yin and her mum to bus-stop. Waited 25 minutes only Ms Slow came. I was a bit frust lohh. But of course, nevermind, since it's something I've done before. 9.30am, started taking bus to Sg Wang. 10.30am only reached. Quickly went into Green Box and started ordering food. I sang lesser that day. Ehmm. 1pm, Z.Yin went with her mum. We walked to TimesSquare for Bowling but changed our mind later. We went into the playpark. Bought RM5 tokens. Basketball, my favourite ;) 3pm, went back to take bus and went to "LiuXing". Bought favourite 珍珠奶茶! Yummy. After finished drinking, went to S.Man's house. Played with her brother while S.Sya and Sharon were choosing their "cartoon" CDs (几岁了哦?) At 5pm, went back because sky were dark already. Walked until half, started raining== Got two Indon men said HI to me [like WT?]!~ Ran with my high heels. Got people said I am 大小姐. I am not!~ Somemore on the way got three "gedik" Malay girls called us "gedik gila"!~ We found a knife outside the school, scary stuff. Then, Sharon and S.Sya waited with me for my sister to come because they scared I will be xxx-ed. Thanks you two! Muax!~

Wasn't very good.

Mum helped me clean it.


Errhhh, so "kong bu"!~

S.Man geh marks.

Leng zai + pro geh marks.

Man, me and Sharon and a pro!~

Sharon, B.Teng and me ;)

Wei saiiiii xD


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