Friday, May 14, 2010

A day~

14th May 2010
It's Friday! =) Today, went to school a little later at 6.50am. Reached school. First class, Maths. Did a set of paper 2 - many careless mistakes. Next class, Art. Did exercises for mid-year exam. Recess~ Ate the snacks left from the hampers we opened on Tuesday.

Suddenly popped out 小帅哥 beside me! Looking @ the snacks I am holding. I gave no reaction cause I don't know who was that. Then, he walked away only I realized he is 小帅哥. B.Teng and S.Man asked "who was that?". J.Eng replied "她的小帅哥啦"!

History class, we were given Chapter 6 exercises - what? so fast? Okay, next Geografi class, again at computer lab. Given exercises of topography. And we opened the computer to play the "turtle/tortoise game". 35 minutes gone so fast. Went out, aiksss, forgot to take J.Eng's pencil's tab - not purposely one. Then, 小帅哥 walked in. So cool~~ Didn't even say Hi. Last class, BI lar. Teacher was talking in front and I am ignoring. Kinda boring. Read SEJ book. B.Teng said dunno what "不关心小帅哥?". IDK.

Going back time, wawawa, said good-bye to J.Eng. Thought of making my moves. KKSheng told me bout not returning my Geo book - again of today, I fighted with him. I am getting boring of fighting and arguing with the two KKS. KKSiong was there, supporting his friend, KKSheng. Suddenly, a hand (peace) popped out in front of me. 小帅哥 leh~ Ignored the two KKS and quickly made my moves back home.

On the way, got people from behind called my name few times. I heard it was Mufaddal's voice but it wasn't. It was 小帅哥. I think he knew cause I kept laughing everytime he passed through. 小帅哥 walked nearer and said HI. I just said "aerhh". Then, he said "bye" and walked across the road to join his friends. HAHAHAHA! I can't stop being crazy and perasan. 马国明's movie is currently on air~ I loving it ^^

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