Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Water rocket.

5th May 2010.
Today. Early morning arose at 6am. 6.40am, brought the rocket and started my journey to the school. When I walked pass the primary school, those little students looking at me curiously. Reached school, used the back way to the canteen and met up with Z.Yin. Others arrived later on.

First class, Maths. NADI students only attended one period of the class after listening to Puan Wong's speech =) It was nice, actually. But I was rushing to go into Maths class. Next class, Science. As usual, went to laboratory, saw W.Loong and J.Hui, they waved, I waved back. Aikss, forgot to bring borang kawalan. U-turn and back to classroom to take it. Got few malay guys kicked my leg on the way. So annoying.

Recess @ library. I read a BM book. Hmm. Then, chit-chatted with my lovely friends. Back to class, BI class. Continued doing our parachute. Later on, Puan NurAliza came in and taught us summary. Her English is so good =) Last class, Geo. Teacher let us finished up our rocket. I was like eating snacks in the whole of Geo class.

After school, went down, mummy waiting already. Sorry mummy, always make you wait. Took my belongings and sped off to the canteen. S.Phing bought the nasi lemak so long == Btw, I went to the water counter and bought one IceLemonTea and mineral water. The people didn't return the 20cents and I was giving a "boring" face. He then said "janganlah marah, nanti abang sakit hati". What lar. Is you give late~~

Ate our lunch. B.Teng said my lunch is delicious while I think her lunch was better. That's what we called "not appreciating what we have now". HAHA! After that, went to the road behind the school to spray the rocket. It was pretty hot and I didn't do much thing - I am total useless! Many guys wanted to skipped co-curriculum but because S.Sya and S.Phing are prefects, they don't kinda dare.

3pm, went to the assembly hall and started the water rocket. It gone pretty well, though. Okay lar, but so hot and I realised I gotten tanner! OMG. I regretted to stay under the hot sun for so long. S.Sya, good job yar =) B.Teng, S.Man, B.Kuan, J.Eng, S.Phing, Z.Yin, H.Yong, KKSheng also not bad! We may win prizes, or we may not but don't care about the prize, just care about the process. It was fun.

4.30pm, went back to the place we put our bags. So many ants were there because got food there. Shocked. Went back home with J.Eng, S.Sya and S.Phing. K.Wei and his sister was behind us. It was really hot! Sorry J.Eng and S.Sya. They walked until my house's door just because I forgot to bring my literature book this morning to be lended to J.Eng. Sorry! My memory is very bad now~

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