Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Hair-Cut.

KKSiong took my phone and see camera album, OMG! Vinosa said it's singlet? It's sports attire. Then, KKSiong told KKSheng I have the xxxxxx (not xxxxxx cancer). And he said what size. 变态狂. I don't quite understand what he saying. Then, KKSheng whole class of NADI ke kept saying the word "借".

He said if he got more than me or same as me in BM paper, I must give him see. Every question I did, he said 借借借借借借. I told him there's nothing in my phone! He kept 借借借借借借. Fan sei lar. I moved place, he followed and keep saying that word. Later he got 25/40 in BM cause he copied all my answers. I got 23/40. But I deleted some stuff in phone before letting him see. He see the whole camera album of 400 ++ pictures.

And another "him" said it looks ... fl*t! How I know why it's fl*t? hahaha. Okay =) I know I am very "zi lian" but FaceBook also got an apps named 自拍是一种乐趣~~

My hair @ back straight straight de~ Ugly.


Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee said...

Zhi Pai ain't Zhi lian lol , its a sign of having confidence in yourself.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha ;) thx for supporting this.

but u nvr zipai before?