Monday, June 28, 2010

Camp Day 2.

11 JUNE 2010
Awoke at 5.30am. After washing face, we went out for aerobics. It was fun and joyous. At 7am, we had our breakfast [fried mee & bread]. I was in group G for skill station. So, we have loads of activities that morning. First, a bunch of string to released within 6 minutes [failed]. Second, to complete three puzzles [succeed]. Third, telephone symbols [failed]. Fourth, spider web [succeed]. Fifth, brought 12pins up with 1pin [succeed].

Then, went to another station. That game so lame and the sun was scorching, so, I just sat under the tent. And I couldn't resist myself any longer, and bought a cold drink. Next station, acting as "the publics" and "snipers". Everything of the games come with a morale value. Lunch [Fish & hot vegies]. Rest until 2.30pm, I get some naps.

2.30pm, continued Skill Stations. Radio Communication, I participated in almost every activities of it. First of all, is the introduction. The facilitator chose me and Sya. We were given dialogue.
Amy: Romeo Charlie 2, Romeo Charlie 1 calling.
Sya: Romeo Charlie 1, Romeo Charlier 2 stand-by.
Amy: Romeo Charlie 2, Romeo Charlie 1 return, need a pail of water.
Sya: Romeo Charlie 1, Romeo Charlie 2 will send as soon as possible.
Amy: Romeo Charlie 2, Romeo Charlie 1 out.

Second, we had Antenna demo. 5 girls and 5 boys were needed. So, we went out. I stepped up on the car - so high, omg. Luckily, the facilitator, was standing beside me. Third, learned to read compass and map, was just the same as in Geography.

Next skill station, Bomba. I saw a lot of stuff, included the oxygen tank. But I wasn't interested. Only interested in the facilitator. So handsome like "Ron Ng". Don't know who he is?? [GOOGLE IT]. He looked at me when he was explaining on the tank or I maybe it was me who over-react. And finally, asked me "A Moi, faham? Leng Lui". Let me perasan awhile ok?! =)

7pm, dinner [fried chicken]. 8.30pm, UUKA - I forgot what it stands for but I knew it's about kebudayaan. 12am, only bathed. 1am, see stars and fireflies and eat snacks with Sya. We slept late to see stars. I saw "I ♥ U" and "大". Sya saw "cow", if I wasn't mistaken. I slept better this night cause it's more cooling.

Oh ya, I forgot. This is the day we met Shahran in group G and since then, we became one family and kept sticking together for the rest of the days in camp. =]

The snipers.

The "lame" game I mentioned before.

We were eating beside the drain. Sya, J.Eng, the tanned me and S.Man.

Way to read compass.

This is the fireman =) I so-the-suka him.

Cool man!!

It's ZamZam! ha ha ;)

Sri, second from left. Shahran, right.

All photos are grabbed. Photos credit to Carbon Dioxide, Chong Yanci and Nur Maisarah.

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