Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp Day 3.

12 June 2010 -opening ceremony.
Early morning, learned Tarian Budaya. Breakfast [nasi lemak]. It was the opening ceremony. I didn't join the marching team. So, during the whole journey, were hiding behind KinWei from the sun. He suffered from severe skin damage and he was very dicipline, standing without moving. So, I met Saiful here. =) He and Shahran kept calling me "kay". But actually, that was my name right? Nothing was wrong here.

Lunch [chicken]. But wasn't enough, so went back to camp to have some snacks. 2pm, skill station, learned about the BIG camp. It is so huge, needed at least 6 people to build it. After that, went to the next station for dancing. Last station, the gadget. And how to do the "ikatan PBSM". Finally, me, Shahran and a malay guy stand on the gadget to snap a picture. The camera man said "1 Malaysia". Shahran said "I understand why". Shahran is a Muslim, f.y.i.

Back to camp, saw JiaEn cleaning the camp. Felt guilty. We met two friends, KaiXuan and Audrey. I brought a cream, so, I applied it to Audrey's neck as it was red. We talked a lot. Then, we went to seaside, but wasn't allow to. Met 2 guys, from Malacca, which was Jason and Johnson. Dinner [fish & vegie]. Had no appetite. UUKA at 9pm.

At night, were divided into few groups, leadership, natural disaster and adventurous activities. I chose leadership, ShiMan considered the adventurous activities and went with me. After that, she went back to camp while I went to eat with JiaHui, Nik and ZamZam while waiting for Sya and JiaEn. Cikgu Aidil asked me why I didn't join adventurous activities, I just said "don't want!". He still remembered me!! Bathed at 2am. Worst day. No lights, dirty water and finally, lost our water scooper. Slept 2.40am.

From left: JiaEn, Sya, me and ShiMan.

...Early morning...

Warming up.

Marching in the sun.

A 7-minutes drama.

HK red cross.

People from Korea.

I also found out a good-looking guy from Vietnam, I thought he was from HK.

Audrey, me, JiaEn, ShiMan, Sya and KaiXuan.

Sri and me. Actually, I was standing on my toes. ^^

Good. JiaEn, me, Sya and Faiz. Realized how dark we are...?

Photos credit to Carbon Dioxide, Chong Yanci and Charissa Angela.

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