Wednesday, June 9, 2010


30 May 2010
Okay, it was a fine day. We sent popo back to Kepong. And headed to JJ. Sue-ann jie bought two pairs of new shoe worth RM100. And then we headed to swimming wear department, spent RM200 there~ Later, mum said wanted to buy sports shoe for me, but I didn't want to. They forced me, but I really don't want and ran away. LOL, it was 6pm and I was extremely hungry!~ They went to JJ supermarket and bought a lot of stuff while I was hunting for food. They finally bought an ice-cream and sushi for me. I cried so much today, I don't understand why!~ I am just too moody.

A slave~

Okay, too boring.


Bought myself a drink to calm down.

Ice-cream + sushi!~ K lah, happy back.

Bat Chan. Heard of it before? It was a herbs for woman, according to mum. It tasted so bad.

Mum cooked one whole pot of it for the second time of the year.

Eeee, forced to drink this!~

Okay, lunch's ready. Chaos.

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