Monday, June 7, 2010

No change.

Back from the tiring seminar yesterday. I am going to blog about quite a number of posts soon!~

I am now here for something I guessed I am not satisfy with. Not to be too obvious. Ok lah, someone has been doing a two face mimic aka back-stabbing. I dislike it, you know? [you don't need to care whether I dislike it or what]. I hate it when I heard bout me, from others, of what you said.

Okay, to make it easier, you talked bad about me in front of others. I was like "I've never done it and you tell the other that I have done it to hurt you?". In fact, I was not shocked because I knew what type of person you are, just to pretend you aren't. People have been telling me not to hurt you but WHAT? I've not hurt you at all, okayh.

Move to the next story, so, you told HER to do something. And now HER is blamed by someone else. And you are sitting there helping the other person to tease HER. And making yourselve look so innocent. Okay, fine lah, keep your innocent face for the guys to see it!~ And you copied so much, copy cat!~

I am not MAD. I am just not satisfied with how you use people.


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