Wednesday, June 9, 2010


1 & 2 May 2010
Wandering around with a not so good mood. Doing nothing much but chopped off my hair.Friends came for water rocket preparations. Bumpy Ride post, Hair Cut post, Preparation post.

3, 4, 5, 6, 7 May 2010

Schooling days with tiring Nadi, curriculum, akademic week. Water rocket competition on Wednesday. Water Rocket post.

8 May 2010

Received surprise birthday present from baby friends. Birthday post.

9 May 2010

Went to fetch popo for a nice lovely Mother's Day celebration + dinner. Mother's Day post.

10 May 2010
Got a lot of hampers for Academic week. Joyous. Brought home few of the hampers with J.Eng. Birthday 2 post.

11 May 2010
Mr. Koo bought me a cake intentionally, but, thanks a lot. Opening of hampers day. Was very happy. At the same time, sad for the lost of my big uncle. At night, went to Banting. Banting post.

12 May 2010

Outstation the whole day. It's Nurses Day. Happy nurses day, mum!

13 & 14 May 2010
Backed to school and chased up homeworks.

15 May 2010

Gotong-royong @ school. Gotong Royong post.

16 May 2010
It was teacher's day, Happy Teacher's Day! Sue-ann came home with a lot of her stuff.

17 May 2010
Blog was closed until 27th May 2010.

18 & 19 May 2010
Was very busy at school.

20 May 2010
Diagnostic aka Mid-year exam started, having a little revision. Diagnostic post, Exam pictures post.

21 May 2010
Busy preparing for next day's Art exam. Received present from sister. It was a pinky watch and 6 new ear-rings! Muaxx.

22 May 2010

Chatted with Lok Lok~ So long never meet him, the last time I met him was like 9 months ago. Wondering how long was that? Okay, going to meet him after PMR [4 more months!] 小帅哥 post. 

23 May 2010
Yea, it was the pac-man xx anniversary. I played the pac-man on google for like ... 2 times. So, yea, I miss that game!~ But at the same time, thinking it was too childish. ~~ Fetched popo to our house. And went to KLCC before dinner. KLCC P-G post. 

24 May 2010
Fish died. I was not surprised as it looked so dull already. I prayed for God to let "it" to be alive until sisters are back, just to see "it" for one last time. And "it" does survived. Rest-in-peace, fish ;) Although my feeling towards you aren't as deep as turtle but I am sad because I fed you every morning!~

26 May 2010
Last day of exam!~ Hurraayyy! Okay, freedom. Actually I had a post for this, was posting this just for fun.

27 & 28 May 2010
BSMM practise as usual. BSMM prac post.

29 May 2010
My day out with the girls =) Karaoke post.

30 May 2010
JJ out day with family hunting for outfits. Spent RM 400. JJ post.

31 May 2010
Monday started~ The end of MAY!~

Okay, ciao.

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