Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp Day 4.

13 June 2010. -I smile for like 100photos but I only found 10% of it!
6.30am only awoke. Sleepless. Aerobics and dances at 7am. Breakfast [kuay teow]. Went to leadership avenue, Sya and JiaEn tagged along, felt so guilty leaving them at adventurous activities. We came together must go together too! We played 4 games, all containing leadership qualities morale.

Before lunch, SMKDK's gathered together to plan for performances for UUKA [it's a last-minute planning!]. Met back with leadership peoples. Had 1 hour of gotong-royong, met a lot of new friends like Brandon, Yap, Stephen and loads more. Took pictures and exchange FaceBook. Didn't take lunch today as we were too lazy.

Also, went out to see Bomba drama. It was so-real, pity those people who pretended to faint under the scorching sun. Walked back to camp and had a nap. JiaEn said I am 可爱/美 when I sleep. Ha ha, let me continue to be perasan ok? 7pm, out for dinner [fried chicken]. 8pm, last minute got changed and wore traditional clothes. I wore a Punjabi suit.

I was sweaty and oily. I kept complaining and Nik asked "Macam mana nak jadi isteri orang? Asyik-asyik nak mandi". == Is that related? 9pm, prepared and make-up etc. 10pm, went up to stage and present my Punjabi suit. It is counted as good as we didn't officially practised. 11pm, after getting lectures, bathed and slept.

I slept with heavy earrings as I couldn't find Manisha. So, I couldn't get back my earring, the next morning, my ear is feeling so itchy. AND S.Man broke her record for not bathing for 3 consecutive days.

Adventurous - kayak-ing.

Flying fox. Missed it all. Just for leadership thingy.


They aren't fainted but was just pretending.

Well done!

Sya and me.

Me and KinWei.

♥ Sya and Shahran ♥

Me, ShiMan and Sya.

One happy family ♥

The three kids. And I mean kids ;)

Photos credit to Carbon Dioxide, Chong Yanci and Jia En.

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