Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seminar SkorA [2].

4 July 2010 - Sunday.
Date of blogging: 13 & 14 July 2010.
I tied my hair in school today. Z.Yin tied it for me. It was the first time in SMKDK. But not the first time in SMKWM2 =) But my hair looked little and in fact, they are little. But I have no idea why my hair strands been so tiny and the amount wasn't satisfying. Any idea for healthy hairs?

I think I wasn't satisfied with myself. See, there's some pimples on my face. There's eye bags too. Hair wasn't that much and I am "FAT"! But I am still satisfied with it - ought to appreciate what I have now. I was borned by mummy after 10 months of the pregnant. When I was borned, mum said I was as little as a monkey. As time goes, I became fat - maybe because of my sisters, kept feed me with food (to blame)!

Back to the topic, that day, early morning, S.Phing's came to fetch me. After that, called B.Teng and finally, S.Sya. Made our moves to University Malaya. It was still early at 7.30am. Started at 9am. SEJ, BI and Maths. I rated an "okay" for this seminar. Lunch at around 1pm. And after that, got a guy came and told me "my friend says you're pretty!". Then, I get to be arrogant in front of KSheng and KSiong! but lol, what's the big matter of it? 6pm, home!

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