Monday, July 12, 2010

End of June.

28, 29 and 30 June 2010. - Monday to Wednesday

Date of blogging: 12 July 2010.

Hey guys. I am back from Nadi as usual just now. I was super hungry and somebody ate chocolate in front of me the whole day. 3 ZIPS chocolate and it's long some more and he didn't treat me at all. Fine. But as I reached home, I was as hungry as a wolf.

The 28th. My sister did this video. Out of leisure times.

The 29th. It rained cats and dogs and later on, found out this outside my balcony.

It was the "double rainbow!"

On the 30th, it was Hari Koperasi at school. After the Koperasi, we played badminton. But I didn't sweat much. Me and JianYu versus JinJie and KhaiSheng. JianYu's spectacle was broke somewhere, so, I helped him searched but to no avail.

You can actually spot me with my friends sitting there =)
Photos grabbed from Shahidah.


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