Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Open Day.

2 July 2010 - Friday

Date of blogging: 12 July 2010.
Yea, I lub my hubby! =) Today I just got married and just yesterday had a white "baby angkat". You wanna know who is him? LOL. YES, hahaha. During Nadi, we had a big joke ;) Tell you sooner and later! Kakaz, insanity me!

Back to the topic, that's right, my school had this so-called "Open Day" which is similar to "Report Card Day". So, my parents was awoke at around 9am, I rushed them to school as few of my friends already texted me. But they already done their-taking-report-cards.

After this day, we all had a so-called "school". And I was the principal, salute salute salute. S.Phing is the Science teacher to S.Man, Sya, J.Eng and Z.Yin. B.Teng is the BI teacher. Sya is the BM teacher. J.Eng is the Maths teacher. Z.Yin is 美容老师 which always says 自然就好. 哎哟,我也知道自然是最好的啦 ==! B.Kuan is 舞蹈教师. And my job is to sit down and watch. No lahh, I teaches everything (abit)! Except for of course, my biggest weakness - CHINESE.

Who the so good organized everything? She/he must be too free. But thanks!

95 days to PMR. And today : 85 days to PMR! It's getting nearer.

High-tech lahh. I didn't know anything about this! What assistant monitor I am?

A nice new drawing.

*If you mahu, click on the gambar to besarkan
Taa-daaa. My results. Teacher kinda says good things about me but daddy kept asking Puan Endang mountain of questions. I was like "enough jor mei?". Teacher also talked about Sri, saying that we both get straight As and a lot others like Vinosa, Raffiq, Akma, Ain etc got 1B.

(2) 75% and I am not satisfied, but it didn't come with sympathy!

STRAIGHT As for others subject. ^^

Let's get together and get GOOD grades! I love you, A!
Or for more information of this exam, click THIS !


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