Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's a post here again. I might not finish up all the posts before I am leaving on 25th. But I will try my best as I don't want it becomes like mountain when I come back. Let me tell you a very random story. : )

Once upon a time, a girl named Amy transferred to a new school. It was scary at first. She even cried during her first week there as nobody treated her like how she was treated in the old school, she complained to her parents, it was indeed, very silly. It was very hard to accept the truth that she has to leave all her besties in her Form1 year. That was very hard until she finally made friends with J, S, B, M, Z, P. She still wasn't very used to it at first.

As time goes by, everything started getting better. They attended her 14th birthday party although it was Mother's Day. The time she remembered the most was the first outing they made, which was to OldTown for a group discussion. And on 25th July, they made a birthday party for J at McD, the first time they played cream and have fun times being together.

Time flies. Exam for Form 2 ended. A new chapter of 2010 began. They studied in the class together. Chatting, playing, and laughing, what's more? They have their great time, sometimes having some outing together. One day, they planned a surprise birthday party for her. She was impressed. She also received a birthday cake from a boy, first time of her life.

They came through the good and bad times together. Sitting for PMR in the same class. Having the same questions. Being in the same situation. We've gone through all the ups and downs, sometimes even started arguing but we're still ONE. I will seriously miss you guys during the 23 days in UKM. We'll meet again soon ! : ) Now, if you wanted me to transfer school again, I would be going with a very heavy heart.


crystle said...

oh baby lil girl, dont cry as time will show you the way.. all the best there.. ;p

amy美琪 said...

LOL ... sueann ??

i also got u see u write november.. lol..

Benjamin said...

wah so touching....tke it easy amy its only 23 days ull be back soon

vinosa said...

i miss u ,amy. Don't worry the camp wil b fun

amy美琪 said...

ben : aha.. sure..

vinosa : make sure miss me ah !! haha , miss you too ..